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Invigorate your senses with our Kush Mint 200mg CBD Bath Bomb! Experience ultimate relaxation and relief for sore muscles with our amazing formula infused with stress-relieving CBD ingredients.


The superb eucalyptus mint scent will leave you feeling refreshed in moments!

Ideal for unwinding after a busy day, our Kush Mint CBD Bath Bomb is your solution for muscle pain or deep relaxation.


Simply toss one into your warm bath, let the soothing power of CBD work its magic on your painful areas, and enjoy a chill-out vibe for a happy and relaxed night.


About the Brand:

Soapy Addiction is a female-owned and operated business based in California, specializing in natural bath products designed to soothe and relax.


Our unique product line, including CBD Bath Bombs, Shower Melts, Bath Salts, and more, is crafted with natural ingredients like essential oils, herbs, salts, and clays, offering a luxurious spa-like experience at home.


CBD Bath Bomb 200mg- Kush Mints

  • Simply tear off the Bath Bomb liner, drop it in the tub and enjoy all the amazing benefits of a topical CBD product as it absorbs into the pores of your skin.

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