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Are you looking for a hand sanitizer that will not only keep your hands clean and sanitized, but also leave them feeling and smelling amazing? Look no further than our Carndyland Kush CBD Hand Sanitizer. Not only does it kill 99.9% of germs, but it's also infused with 500mg of CBD to help moisturize your skin. Plus, the scent of this unique product is sure to tantalize your senses – a combination of apple, grapefruit, carnation, and violet notes with an added touch of exotic spice.


At Soapy Addiction, we understand the importance of hand hygiene – so we created this all-natural hand sanitizer for you, our valued customers. It only uses organic, plant-based ingredients, and is made with 70% alcohol to meet the CDC guidelines. Plus, our company is female-owned and operated – so it's not just a product that'll keep your hands germ-free, but also a way of supporting and empowering other women. We guarantee that you'll be left both safe and satisfied with our Candyland Kush CBD Hand Sanitizer. So go ahead and get your hands on this fabulous product today!

CBD-Infused Hand Sanitizer- Candyland Kush

  • Apply to the palm of one hand and rub hands together and enjoy all the amazing effects with infused CBD.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol, Purified Water, Organic Glycerin (glycerol), Organic Vitamin E Oil, Full Spectrum CBD, Fragrance, Blue 1, Red 28.


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