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Keep your hands clean and your spirits high with Soapy Addiction's OG Kush orange hand sanitizer! This powerful sanitizer is composed of 70% alcohol to meet CDC guidelines and kill germs, as well as 500mg of CBD infused with Vitamin C to give you a deep, moisturizing cleanse.


It features a citrus orange peel scent to refresh your skin and senses. All of our products are made from organic, plant-based ingredients and crafted with the highest quality elements available for maximum healing.

Our all-natural sanitizer is made with a keen attention to detail and special emphasis on the power of top-notch organic ingredients. Plus, you'll get the lovely smell of citrus orange peel as an added bonus!

Staying clean never felt so good.

Say goodbye to dry, itchy hands and hello to smooth skin!

Get it now and feel the difference.

About the Brand:


Soapy Addiction is a female-owned and operated business based in California, specializing in natural bath products designed to soothe and relax.

Our unique product line, including CBD Hand Sanitizers, CBD Bath Bombs (for pain), Shower Melts, Bath Salts, and more, is crafted with natural ingredients like essential oils, herbs, salts, and clays, offering a luxurious spa-like experience at home.

CBD-Infused Orange Hand Sanitizer- OG Kush

  • Apply to the palm of one hand and rub hands together and enjoy all the amazing effects with infused CBD.

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